The Movement and the Real World


Namaste! :stars:

I’ve been following this project for a while. It really is something that is needed in the space.

Now motivated by the decoupling from the VR how about exploring the realms of RL more and more.

There are many places on our beautiful earth that can benefit from the connective force of The Movement.

Let us connect with people that are just starting to join the global internet. The decentralized internet age.

Who would be interested in connecting people. Focusing on developing and newly industrialized countries.

There is so much to learn and grow together. On the road towards sustainability and interconnectivity of the people. Borderless collaboration.


Welcome to The Movement, becomempty!
I love these ideas of yours. This is a good new proposal for a direction that makes a lot of sense: to focus on RL instead of primarily on VR.
As a new global economy is arising that connects people, environments and economies around the planet it is increasingly up to the inhabitants of this blue planet to connect to each other. To be able to connect and create as is our motto here is the very opportunity we all share, that empowers us to make positive changes. It’s in my greatest interest to learn more and contribute to connecting with developing countries and economies and their people. The Movement as a unifying and connectional power is a thought that has not failed to give me goosebumps since I’ve heard it for the first time. That’s what crypto can lead us to : more meaningful connection & opportunity for all the people. Let’s do it, we can and we will, little by little. it’s gonna be a strange and remarkable journey


Focusing on all places, for the world is wide and human experience is deep

Far out the paths of mind we are as we move on the journey of humanity. We set out on the trip to live together

What we can think we can think. What we believe together is where we are and where we are going

Let’s live


When I read the Departing post, i felt elated, felt an instant connect of kindred understanding. I had been waiting and I figured it would either be Greenpoin or Anarchist district to be the next group o tell Ari to fuck off. Congrats and Merry christmas.
Now as I read this Real World opportunity, I flashd opportunity to effect change. This flash, this insta-vision fullfeature film that played out in my head lasted but a few seconds but was oscar winning…

DecenTronland, what Decentaland was supposed to be… and much much more


This is clearly a good idea and one aspect to consider that could actually lead to do something useful in the future. :+1:


Thank You Piggy!! I have the idea and the opportunity to breath life into it via the Founder Institute. Now to figure out how to make it all work…