The Movement DAO

The frustrating sadness of not understanding code when a brilliant Idea lingers in your head

Howdy Movement community of excellent human beings, masters of the code, patriots of true freedom and marchers to the beats of decentralized drums. Those of you who know me, Thank You for allowing me to be a part of this community. I am the apple in your group of oranges, I hold all of you in such high regard, I respect your craft with the gaping jaw of awe a young lad might have the first time he stepped into Disneyworld. How envious I am of your incredible ability to manipulate the language of computers to create such magnificant creations. The way you take your ideas and collectrively shape them into items of betterment for humanity is… well for lack of a better word… Just Awesome. In my life of 50 years now I have done many things, from Shoe sales to Cinemetography, from US Marines to Regulatory Compliance. I have built Muscle cars in the 80’s to Ratrod motorcycles in the 2000’s. I’ve travelled the globe 3 times, spending considerable time in 36 countries. Learned to speak 3 languages and taught english to Korean students. Anything I decided I wanted to do, I did and did with great success. Everything I did, I taught myself and things always came easy to meas if the knowledge and wisdom was already inside me.
Then came the day in 2017 when I decided to jump head first into building something awesome on the internet…
Three years later and I know less than I did in 2017 about how code works. For the first time in my life, I have not been able to learn and master that which I put my mind to. I am no closer today than I was in 2017 to understanding development, coding, front end, back end, full stack of pancakes. Java, Python, solidity, html, api’s, sdk’s… It’s all so very daunting and confusing to me. As a stubborn, never quit, hard headed go getter, the level of frustration and sadness is undescribable. To have great Ideas and not be able to bring them into reality is gut wrenching to me. Worse over is seeing an Idea I had 3 or 4 months prior be built, launched and succeed by someone else. The words “I can’t do it” have never existed in my vocabulary before and even now as I write this tribute of appreciation and respect to you all here at the Movement, I still can not say those words.
I am light years out of my league in here. You all know this and yet you accept me here, you take consideration to my ideas, provide well spoken and informative feedback and most of all display enormus patience with me and my ignorance. Where others have chastised me for my ignorance, ridiculed mty lack of understanding, you embraced and welcomed me. My truest heart can not express the amount of gratitude due to you all.
I have not been an active voice here because I could not say or contribute anything truly meaningful and I apologize. It is you all who are the future of humanity, The true Heros of tomorrow. The days of the fighting Marine are gone and as I have spilt my blood in combat to protect our freedoms in the past, It is you, the freedom fighters of the internet that will keep us free and safe now. Oh how I wish I knew what you know, could do what you do, build what you build. You do what you do for the betterment of humanity. You willingly jump in and without any thought of self or return, sacrafice your talent, time, and energy to help those that need it most. Most honorable. I have always entered with one goal… “effect change for better” There is no greater gift than the gift of sacrafice for it is always true, genuine and of free will.
In here, in your world, I am hapless, ignorant and unable to meaningfully contribute. This realization brings upon me a sadness I wish no spirit to experience. It is not said enough how much you are appreciated so allow me to sayit for all those who are like me suffering from CCDD (Computer Coding Defeciency Disorder), Thank you for all you do to protect and fight for my cyber rights and freedoms… God Bless you all.