Hey there! I’m bapp, one of the early members. how are you all?:star_struck: I donated 1 BTC* to the project a while back. Dear @Dropper, the fund has not been used or moved till now so let me request something. I want the 1 BTC to be exchanged from BTC into Tezos (XTZ) at current market price, and I want it to delegate. originally this donation was meant as a way to get listed on a better exchange but I feel that is not necessary at this point of time (gonna come on its own) so please, let’s use the funds to pay for development; and as long as the tezzies are not used to pay for something then please let them happily bake. we’re here to build and share are we. Tezos is a new platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. More territory and space for The Movement to discover, explore, and build upon.


Thank you, bapp. Sure. Done:

1 BTC → 3,000 XTZ

The Movement on Tezos:


awesome :last_quarter_moon_with_face:

let’s decide what baker to choose to delegate the tezzies to earn for the community! i hope you all enjoy. got to decide also on how baked tezzies are to be used - i’d propose to collect them in sort of a fund and use them to pay for the development of proposals. maybe it can be connected with the SCE:) and I had this little thought… maybe we could even consider creating our own baking node? let me participate where i can, so happy to be able to do something for a greater good


So, Tezos! Cool, nice move bapp. Let’s bake for the community! :cake:


Thank you very much. Let’s do it!


alright so~ thanks to @mvt our community baking operation is running! :pancakes: :pancakes: :pancakes: If you visit https://delegate.tezzigator.com/constituents and search for our delegate address KT1QHeiarHnSxwVjx2uQ6z7SHXngdJLS2f3D, you can see our bakings (see cycle earnings).

as the original hodler and donator of these funds it is my wish that all the bakings will be distributed to trusted members of The Movement organization and the development of its manifold projects !

my proposal: To be eligible to receive XTZ from the fund you have to be a valuable open source contributor to the project, and hodl at least 3k MVT. The idea is to reward contributors of all kinds, on an ongoing basis as the project is growing. this fund is not set to expire. The MVT requirement can be adjusted as needed. I hereby also ask dropper, gumshed, frei, vinipoars, and piggy to be advisors for community use of the funds. Ideally I want the baking to be connected to greenpoint and the social change engine, and, if the community comes to a consesus about it, I specifically, I want it to be used for the ongoing development of the virtual headquarter Greenpoint. Small detail: I love how it says 3D in the addresses’ end again! not only that, our main address also has 3D in the beginning tz1L3D:smiley: The Movement’s eth smart contract also begins with 3d 0x3d46454212c61ecb7b31248047fa033120b88668
at the moment Tezzigator is the delegate of choice but we can change it when we need to do so. please let me know your thoughts, movers. happy wednesday!


After the summer break we are going to start back resuming our work and hopefully pull it togheter and finish some of the foundation block by the end of the year. :sunglasses:Maybe these funds will help capture the attention of some talented artist or somebody that could help get things moving faster.

Rest assured the funds will be used to make the Movement grow and will be assigned to significant contributors.


i was away and just found it today. thank you very much.


Yeah, This summer has been crazy. But yes, the funds will be used to grow the Movement in a positive way.

Thanks again for your generous donation!


Same here!

It’s a beautiful ideia!


I see that my private request to update the delegation has been successfully carried out so that I can announce that we now use stakery rather than tezzigator, they’re a smaller service and the fee is only 7% rather than 15% at Tezzigator. thanks. and
thank you for your positive comments! I am pretty convinced that the tezzies will come in very handy over the course of time! it is set to grow along


Hi bapp9.
Can you pm on bitcointalk? Or here? I can’t find pm message option here


Click on the username and a pm options will appear. You can then access your messages from your profile. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t see that option as you can see on screenshot. https://i.postimg.cc/nc0nrN8V/Screenshot_20180924-180055.png

Where is?


hi all. there isn’t a PM option for me either. maybe it’s our rank that is the reason, should ask the admins. gumshed can you look into the settings please? :slight_smile:


how you doing? :relaxed: