Social Change Engine


A fully decentralized organization, self-funded and built from the ground up by community members dedicated to global and social change. All are welcome.

Version 1 - April 2018:


The Social Change Engine, SCE. A fundamental tool of The Movement to create and maintain a sustainable ecosystem based on trust.
– Do I understand this right? It’s a wonderful idea


You definitely have it right. Work has begun structuring the bounty program that will fund the development. If there are areas or skills that you’d like contribute just let someone know. If not, feel free to promote the community. Hope to see you around!


I’m in


The weather has changed and it’s time to get back to work. I’ll will be posting a new bounty structure in the coming days along with the first bounty and accompanying twitter contest. Once completed, I’ll get focused on the SCE framework.

Let’s see who’s still around!


Updated the post.

New bounty to follow.




Following the updated flow, I’m working out the smart contracts that will be necessary for the platform to function correctly. The idea that once the Sphere Initiative contract is executed, the machine takes over while needing inputs from other team members along the way in different contracts.

#9 should be operational soon. The plan so far, besides building the “machine”, is leverage an existing DEX contract like etherdeltas and build a decentralized exchange of our own. Focused more on MVT at first as a way to get funds into the platform.

But this website should help with the badge bounty.


Website looks great :grinning:

I can give you a hand with the smart contract part for the dex, so we don’t have to rely on others and we have our own exchange.

Are you thinking about having just a single pair ETH/MVT right?


That would be really great :smiley:

So what I was thinking was a simple dex that will initially pair ETH/MVT. But then we can always go further.

Have you played with ipfs?


I read some material about ipfs time ago but i never really tried to use it.

Is there something in particular that you want to do with it? Have you used it already?


I want to build everything and host it on the distributed web. I think there are a lot of positives. If building bridges is a primary focus of the movement, having access to whatever data by whatever group will be important. Ipfs is super low latency for people in developing countries.

Also, it’ll be kinda cool and I don’t think it’ll be too much of a pain in the ass. Deployment seems to be pretty straightforward.


So like, for instance in the flow diagram where a development platform is generated. We could have a predetermined environment that is clone-able/customizable from whatever parameters were set within the badge requirements of the sphere initiative. So upon the vote passing and badge requirements being filled, it would generate self hosted immutable record of what was being created. Then, access would be fixed to those working on the project until it was finished and published.