Seeking advice


Here is a paste from a message I sent to brother Gumshed… I start in 2 days at the Instititute… you all shall witness the rise or fall of Saam i am… hahaha…
anyway… I am looking for advice, plausability, ideas…
Ive been racking my brain trying to get set in stone how to hit the ground running at Founder Instititute. Now, I pretty much confined myself to TRON that much is certain.
These are my 3 domains… VeTrons LLC, and
So is pretty much self explainatory and know how it should be built… I feel should be a place somebody could go to explore all the newest and cutting edge tech happenning on the Tron Network
Now VeTrons on the otherhand is where I am really struggling.
VeTronsLLC is the parent company for DecenTronland and Scilitron Valley and the gateway for the nonprofit activities benefitting homeless Veterans. But needs to be much much more.
Here is my idea… Are you familiar with PlumTree?

I see TRON as being in the same infancy as the internet was back in the 90’s.
Since TRON bought bittorrent couldnt VeTrons be the Plumtree for Tron/bittorrent? Providing the seamless interfacing userfriendly enterprise integration provider?
A single point entry that facilitates the user to navigate the Tron and Bittorrent metaverse