Platforms proposal


I think we can start to suggest in here which platform or tool to adopt to support the Movement.

Something was already mentioned is Aragon.

Something else i spotted could be and

I haven’t looked in detail into none of these three yet but what would be nice to have is something that still let you do operation based on the ownership of your eth account, without having to pay gas fees each time. This if possible, is going to get more people involved, in particular in voting decisions.


I think all 3 have their pros and cons.

I’ve been looking at this as well.


I’ve been looking into all those other projects. But I’ve got a more basic idea. Intuitively, I’ve got a pretty good picture of the future of where these technologies are heading, but the scope is too large to get into much detail.

If you’ve noticed, the MVT contract code is a bit deprecated and thrown together. My idea is to update our contract code base to a more contemporary standard which would allow us to import our code into other contracts; thereby, providing us the means to build out from our “main” contract like legos, right? For example, we could, say, build a DEX that automatically distributes profits to MVT holders, or a game that imports the MVT contract and distributes dividends…etc. There’s really no limit to the possibilities of what can be built upon a more versatile MAIN contract; in fact, we can layer the contracts in such a way that they build upon one another in a more DAO like structure…fully autonomous. It has to begin with that top layer, the main contract, so that the sibling contracts can attach in an isolated vertical hierarchy which could be “mixed and matched” to form increasingly more versatile DApps, right?

We could update our code to a more contemporary standard and implement a voluntary, open ended, one-for-one swap. Dividends would only be distributed to the holders of the swapped token so if one gets in late, their dividends wont be debited retroactively but from the time their swap completes.

Think about it.


Do you have any example on how this smart contract should look like? I mean anybody has done already something similar ?


Yes…Here’s a start: This is the proposed standard that I find interesting:

But there are others and there are still others in the works. It’s a very powerful platform. We are barely scratching the surface and the limit of the possibilities we’re able to achieve is confined only by our imaginations. We are a creative group and that’s why we need our base contract to be as secure and versatile as possible…these contracts snap together like building blocks…imagine the possibilities!

This is what Polymath is doing:

The possibilities are endless…


I applaud what you guys are doing with this. This is probably over some people’s heads, which is why there isn’t as much comment. I had suggested WAVES, which takes a human manager, because it doesn’t have ability to write contracts.

I know a lot of projects are under-attended right now, which shows you the reason why TheMovement is needed: for those who invest time and effort, wisdom/networking/opportunities should come in return. Sadly, that isn’t happening for a lot of people, hence people don’t have the time and energy to get involved.


I am but a nooob here but im sure most of you are familiar with me from my calling of kaka in decentraland and the whole anarchistic end last April…

Instead of looking for a project to support, why not start your own with a clean canvas. I am just a sole founder with 2 kick ass domains… and… Im starting my fellowship at the Founders Institute January 9.
The Tron network is beginning to produce great things. Use me to create something truly decentralized, something that will benefit the betterment of humankindness and have total control over your destiny!!


We are still very early in the process to understand what we really need to achieve what the Movement is envisioning, but we will surely consider all the possibilities.


Thank You Piggy. Thank all of you at the Movement. Thanks to your brave act of departing, the truth is beginning to shine.
May I request advisorship with the brilliant minds here regarding the right way to build Decentronland? I have 3 priorities. 1.) Decentronland benefits Homeless Veterans. 2) Is a non discriminatory arena for creatives and 3.) is meritocraticly rewarding users for efforts that provides opportunities to others


Yes, our departure from Decentraland was unfortunate but I do believe it’s in our best interests as a DAO to not limit ourselves to one platform. Building bridges and spreading a decentralized world view has always been at the forefront of what we believe.

With that said, I personally do not want to be associated with anything that would send negative energy out into the world. The idea of creating a Decentraland clone seems like an act of futility. I mean the foundation of the platform would be build and fueled essentially by telling Decentraland to fuck off. In a round about way of course but that energy still exists.

I really love your priorities and I’m really glad you’re here. I think this is the beginning of something cool for sure.


Thank You @gumshed for your integrity and you are quite right. In fact friend, you have sparked some deep thought and questioning of myself, my motivations, and reasoning.
Im sure you can imagine the negativity or pain, or agnst ive felt and to say Decentronland wouldnt be a “fuck you” to Ari would be a lie. However, I am reminded, by your statement, of who I am at the core, what my simplistic beliefes are and I remembered how I explain the universal laws to my children.
The Universe is much like a battery, an abundant source of energy and manifestation both positive and negative. I dont feel it neccessarily distinguishes between the two. Meaning It is unaware if the energy a person casts is negative or positive. It simply and effectivley recieves the energy, multiplies it and sends it back and only the person who cast and now recieves this energy and manifestation truly knows if it was positive or negative as it left the heart.
I can honestly say with conviction that for Decentronland to be successful it must be done with positive emotion and not one of disdain, anger or revenge. For a solid year I carried that sting of betrayal and after investigation, I had enough evidence to win a civil law suit and wreak havok if not completely tank the dcl project. I never filed a suit because, 1.) I still hold Esteban in very high regard. Ive had many deep conversation with him and he is but a puppet in the grand scheme of the centralazation. In fact its as if I can feel his shame and sadness about it. 2.) The community, I made alot of friends, met some of the most brilliant and creative minds in that community and I did not want the weight of collateral damage on my heart.
I am going to build DecenTronland and I am going to follow the business model and mission statement of DCL because, a.) it is a successful and smart plan. b.) because it is a great and scaleable dapp for the TRON network. c.) the community deserves it.
The name DecenTronLand, to me was an awesome usage of TRON into a known and successful product. It just made sense.
Thank you for your candid reply as it reopened my third eye.
I will no longer promote Decentronland as a fuck you to the central land. I will however still offer the districts a free district. Here are the major differences for Decentronland…
1.) The platform, property, will not be an excel spreadsheet of 10mx10m. It will be an open source mmog world from the epic store unreal engine assets marketplace.
2.) Property will be parceled and zoned just like a state would zone land. (Industrial, commercial, residential, recreational and conservation). Smallest piece of property is 1 acre.
3.) it will be an agnostic world wherein user created assets are plug n play.
4.) Decentronland will colaborrate with all the other tron dapps to provide opportunity to Decentron vendors and residents.
5.) Be a perpetual epic treasure hunt. As new and exciting ideas and tech flurishes from the creative minds, in the Tron Network the treasure pool will continue to grow… we will provide exposure to new exciting tech via the epic treasure hunt.

Will it piss off Decentraland? Yes. Why? Because it will start decentralized and remain decentralized. Because it will shine because of the community. And the more successful it is the more angry they will become. But, I shall not taunt them, rub success in their face. I forgive them and shall pay them no mind. What they have done to themselves is far more disgracefull than anything you or I could ever do.
Most importantly, I need to figure out how to properly utilize the success to ensure decentralized cloud service to keep the world alive and how to best set up an economic system that enriches the users, is a viable contributor to getting homeless veterans off the streets and restore their sense of worth.

If you remember, im not a developer, coder, programmer, hacker. Im just an old guy who was a Marine and then Safety/Compliance engineer. But I am an Aries thru n thru, a man of principle and integrity. I am committed to VeTronsLLC. DecenTronland and SciliTronValley. I start the Founder Institute in 6 days to incubate and accelerate these ideas. And to be honest, Im scared to death. I dont want to fuck up a fellowship opportunity and Im wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy over my head. This you can count on with me. Consistency, i mean what i say and i go to the grave fighting for it.

Semper Fidelis, Carpe Deim, Marami Pong Salamat sa Tulong Ninyo.

Founder Jeff aka SAAMiAM


It sounds like we have a lot in common in terms of how we see the world @SAAMiAM and I hope you and I become great friends. I deeply admire your passion. If you need anything here or in real life, I’m usually around.


Well…I got banned from the DCL discord. They didn’t even give me a reason. User named “esteban” just said he was banning me and referred me to their lawyers. I think they’re in more legal trouble then they’re letting on. I don’t think they’re going to refund us. I’m pretty mad and don’t want to do anything brash so I’m just going to let it sit for awhile before I figure out how to respond to them.

Anyway, has anybody put any thought into updating our contract? I’ve got some cool stuff I’ve been working on but I would like to deploy them as subsidiary contracts to our main asset.

I was thinking about going ahead and starting a revision on my own but I’m not sure if the community supports the idea. Any thoughts? Any questions?


Well with DCL seems that things are escalating quickly :neutral_face:

About the SC if you have something ready i would not mind to have a look and try it on a test net. :+1:


Thank you for your kind words brother. Kindred flows.


User esteban is Esteban Ordano, the cofounder and cto. Im sure Ari put him up to it.