Place: The Teahouse


The Teahouse

A Teahouse for visitors from all districts and lands that represents a center for sharing thoughts and ideas, and that promotes the spirit of human exchange and cooperation.
(…) The five white parcels at the heart of Greenpoint (as depicted in Figure 3) are reserved for the implementation of the teahouse and its direct surroundings.


On the Decentraland Atlas, the coordinates of the Teahouse (white parcels in the graphic above) are:


-22/83; -21/83; -20/83


Abovementioned coordinates on parcel map:


These parcels have only a predefined size or they have some kind of inner instance as well where the space is “unlimited” ?( like the TARDIS of dr who for example)


Each Decentraland parcel is 100 m2 in size. As for z-axis limitations: 20m * log2(n+1); where n is the number of parcels involved [1]. No support is planned for “‘It’s bigger on the inside!’-like situations” [2] like the TARDIS. But we can create and use the 8 dynamic portals around the Teahouse as gates to explore and link sources of ideas and opportunities. A portal could also be used as a means to embark on a purposeful journey with other humans – some sort of virtual collective spaceship.


Imagine what could be possible in the future as this environment grows. These portals could eventually be an interactive monument, or their impact could create a major focal point. Maybe think a Dawning of the Age of Aquarius type scenario if you believe in such things. What if Satoshi’s original whitepaper was heralding the onset of a new “Age” of universal understanding. These 8 dynamic portals could be used to access unimaginable sources of information or versions of human connection. Possibly giving a whole new look at what being human is supposed to mean. The future, and all of its glorious possibilities, is definitely bright.