Place: Gardens for Peace


Gardens for Peace

The surrounding Gardens for Peace (23 orange parcels) represent the beauty of both nature and culture. They give space for thought and new ideas to bloom.


Visually I feel this would almost take on a Zen-like feel. Balancing the elements to create a very meditative space. Encouraging creativity and out of the box thinking.




Something like this?

We should contact these people :slight_smile:


I really like the way that “flows”. Yeah, let’s connect with them!


yes that looks quite beautiful. what will our gardens for peace grow into? i can contribute what I have in my mind and I can also contribute some coins for the people who are able to turn visions into 3d graphics. just let me know and we can get started. what do you all think, would it be nice to include different cultural theme gardens within the grand garden? how have you been imagining it in? i figure it’s a recreational area where people can go to relax and talk because the teahouse i would think is supposed to be rather stimulating :slight_smile:


How about letting the Gardens for Peace grow into a virtual botanical garden? I love plants, and a garden with many species is a great place to be, both to think and to hang out with other folks. So we could work on creating a space that reflects natural structures. And outside of the gardens, there’s still plenty of space for all kinds of spheres to operate and community events to happen.


I like this idea as well, i belive there should be enough space to do both


Nice idea. you have my support. It’s not an easy task but if you can get the people together to really research botanical garden; and build and implement models of the real species in the virtual gardens it would be a very challenging but meaningful project. I know that I would definitely visit this if it existed, probably also to talk to people while just having a walk or just to enjoy being there for the pleasure of it. I love gardens. I understand the meaning is not to replace a real nature garden cause that is neither possible nor the point, it’s about creating interesting and in this case comfortable virtual spaces where discovery and interaction can take place, right?


If we can believe in cultivating a garden for peace, planting good seeds can be a joy for all. growing and living together on the ground that nature provides for us, in us and through us.

As in the mind becoming as empty as the fullest, we can find the ever-shining common ground of being. Welcome, my fellow Human thinking in our human thought. We think so we create. Let’s cultivate this garden