Music Composition Sphere


I claimed the Music Composition Sphere, but anyone is willing to share here who is also interested in the topic. I see ultimately some kind of musician/composer’s collective that could help us focus our energies on greater and greater professional goals.


What about DApp integration of something like ProTools for recording and hosting for music library? Sort of like a virtual garage jam session. The ability to organize lessons for people looking to hone their musician skills would be enjoyable. Plus when your working with other musicians from around the world, the exposure it creates and the potential for collaboration is enormous. I’m excited to see where this goes.


Yes, those are all good ideas. I think also discussing the current state of the music coins, since there are over 5 of them. Divide and Conquer isn’t a good thing for crypto concerns, and so I think the music coin supporters should band together and get the job done.


Academic Study of Music and Blockchain