Movement Token Contract Update

Proposal 13 Movement Token Update

Ok. So the idea of the token contract update is sort of as follows.

MVT holders (Rewards depend on length of time held) log into their online wallet account. The token allows for funds to be deposited and distributed - bag size dependent.

Dapp calls function on token to claim any rewards (In ETH).

SCE hosts wallet along with a other Dapps. Some of these dapps then gain fees from use. Some will be used in governance. Voting etc.

This fee “revenue” is then pointed at the MVT contract. Almost like an automated savings deposit. Everyone gets their share. Withdraw if you like when the balance is large enough to withdraw, or let it accumulate.


Dapps can be built by anyone, hosted by anyone, and integrated into anything. Pointing the fees at the MVT contract will start almost like a chain reaction. Like an “engine”. A Social Change Engine.

Let’s say we scale this DAO. Every holder now has a vested interest of the direction of the DAO.

I know I’m slow. I’m juggling a lot.

Just wanted to let you know the project is far from dead.

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