The Movement DAO

MIP:004 DAO Funded Website Improvement

MIP: 004

NAME: Archie Chaudhury and Brian Haney

PROPOSAL: DAO Funded Development

TYPE: Infrastructure & Financial

DATE: 05.18.2021


I would like to submit a proposal for the use of DAO funds to support the development of the website. The finance website is an integral part of the Movement DAO as it directly impacts individual’s perception of the project and its tokens. Improving the website to make it more in line with the taste of current-gen crypto enthusiasts will lead to better brand perception for the Movement DAO, thus maintaining public trust in both the token and the overall project.

Proposal Specifics and Reasoning

• Use of 150,000 MVT to compensate developers.

• Development will be split into three different parts:

  • Fresh UI and Updated UX(50 hours)
  • Backend Logic, Security, and Metamask Integration(100 hours)
  • Front-End Development(User-Friendly, Staking API)(80 hours)

• Developers will keep the the member-base updated on their project and will finish in a reasonable amount of time.

• Payouts will be given on a milestone basis as designated by the DAO. Completion of a proportion of tasks or hours will lead to a payout being made.

• DAO will benefit from a more intuitive and user-friendly finance website.

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