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MIP:002 DAO Funded Liquidity Provider Rewards Program

MIP: 002
NAME: carsonated
PROPOSAL: DAO Funded Rewards Program
TYPE: Infrastructure & Financial
DATE: 12.17.2020

Hello Movers,

I would like to submit a proposal for the use of DAO funds for the purpose of a Two Season LP Rewards Program. After the successful vote for MIP-001, the DAO controls an additional 328,646 MVT (at the time of the proposal) tokens that can be distributed to active participants via this proposal.

Proposal Specifics & Reasoning

• Use of 200,000 MVT to fund the rewards program.

• 200,000 MVT paid out bi-monthly for 4 Months in 2 Seasons of 2 months each (50,000 MVT per month/25,000 per payout).

• LP providers will share 30% of the bi-weekly payout, Staked LP will share 70% of the bi-weekly payout

• Payouts will be calculated by a random snapshot in a 36-hour window before the close of the bi-weekly period verified against a random snapshot within the bi-weekly period.

• DAO controls the initial distribution of funds through our Agent App.

Open Discussion on DISCORD.


Submitted. Vote #76

MIP:002 DAO Funded Liquidity Provider Rewards Program


Passed 2020-12-31, 13:04

With Season 2 just around the corner, I wanted to post a link here. If you’d like to contribute to the code base, this is the frontend and this is the backend. Still need to get the MDT/ETH staking interface completed.