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MIP:001-1 - DAO Funded Rewards Program

MIP: 001-1

NAME: gumshed

PROPOSAL: DAO Funded Rewards Program

TYPE: Infrasturcture & Finacial

DATE: 9.8.2020


I hope this finds you all well. I would like to propose the use of DAO funds for the purpose of a 10-Week Staking Rewards Program.

Previously, the proposal suggested we outsource the development of the staking aspect. I believe we’ll be able to handle this now through a Sphere of the Movement.

The DAO controls over 400k in MVT at the moment. At the time of writing, it is worth about 35 ETH and that’s at a very low market cap.

Proposal Specifics & Reasoning

  • Use of 300,000 MVT to fund the rewards program.

  • DAO contols distribution of funds through our Agent App.

Open Discussion on DISCORD.



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Submitted. Vote #68

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MIP:001-1 - DAO Funded Rewards Program


Passed 2020-09-17, 00:30


300,000 MVT Rewards Pool At Launch

We are happy to announce that

MIP:001-1 is Complete.