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Liquidity Provider Rewards Program Begins!

Happy New Year Movers!

MIP:002 is approved and pending funding shortly! Due to variables in the farming infrastructure, Season One will begin January 15th 2021 (00:00 UTC) and run until March 15th 2021 (00:00 UTC) and will provide a total of 100,000 MVT (3.3% of total supply)

To participate, LP providers will stake MVT-WETH LP tokens and will receive MVT rewards over the course of the Season. For early participants, a 5x Multiplier 0.6479 MVT per block will be applied to the first 2 weeks of the Season before decreasing to a 1x reward of 0.1296 MVT per block until the end of Season One.

Season Two will run from March 15th 2021 (00:30 UTC) until May 15th 2021 (00:00 UTC) with MVT/WETH and additional LP token options and rewards multipliers will be announced at a future date. Season Two will provide the remaining total of 100,000 MVT (3.3% of total supply) in rewards to LP stakers. Look for variable LP rewards and random snapshots to be a part of Season Two.

Please share your thoughts and questions here!

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Farm information to follow

Liquidity Provider Rewards Program Starts in ~18 hours, 2 weeks of 5x rewards for LP!

Be sure to get in early to earn even more in Season One. If you have any questions post them here to get help from fellow Movers

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5x LP rewards have ended, presently 6 weeks remaining and showing 71% APY for farmers.