Hello You

Just curious if anyone checks this anymore.


From time to time.


Hi, What are you interested in?

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Hi gumshed! I do! Still particularly interested in the human side of this cutting edge tech space. Bridges! Hope you’re all doing OK during these challenging times.


Hi, and thanks! With the quarantine i’ve had a bit of time to think and work.

Just a question, How much spare storage space does the average person have on their home hard drives?

Still here :wink:

About your question, i checked hardware stats on steam : it says in march 2020 24% of users had between 250 & 499 GB free on their disks.

stats here : https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey

Still they are gamers for most part… they are not very representative of the ‘average person’…

Hey, good to see you still around! Thanks for the stats. That’s around what I thought for an average person. Incentivized node storage through ipfs?:thinking:

See, things I’m worried about are like, no access to data through totalitarian corporate entities. I just like having a say as to who controls what aspects of my life. I don’t believe we’ve ever had the choice. I think something like a distributed file network on ipfs, that used that space to store the internet.

Here recently, I moved my family to a small town to escape whatever is going to happen with this pandemic. Thought about how if everyone in town was running software that could mirror the sites they visited and cached the relevant data. If the “pipe” was ever severed, you could still have access to data at a certain level.

Anyway, what’s new?

around, still!

Very Cool. :blush:

Finished server build last night that will host ipfs nodes.

@DarkTrollCoin Eventually, I want the wallet to be downloadable. this wallet will allow for mapping of unused hard drive space to be used for the distributed network. Wallets will act as full ipfs distribution node.

@mvt curious since you control the movement github, mvt.io, whats the story with that? I built a signpost/call to action site. I am going to publish it at movementdao.com if I don’t hear back from you.E

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