Greenpoint Development Plan 1.0


Greenpoint is a VR-powered collaborative space for global interconnection. Serving as a decentralized meeting point for grassroots movements, its aim is to facilitate innovation experimentation by connecting people, communities, and environments at the forefront of technological and social innovation. Built for the exchange of ideas and opportunities, all are welcome to take part in its free-flowing open-source development and governance.

Development Plan v1.0:


How do we participate in the development of Greenpoint?


Let’s get the ball rolling. Nobody is stopping us from getting started! So at the heart of our land there’s going to be a teahouse and surrounding gardens. The rest is tabula rasa, a blank space for us to fill with the contents of our minds.

From the devplan:

The Movement DAO’s members govern the development of VR scenes and apps on the district’s land parcels in full accordance with Greenpoint’s vision, goals, and objectives.
Anyone can propose plans and ideas for the creation of content on the official Github repository.
All participants openly review, discuss, and vote for proposals via The Movement organization. Once community proposals have been thoroughly reviewed and approved by the collective, Land contributors are able to stake Greenpoint Land to a respective proposal that they support. Projects that are developed and maintained on Greenpoint’s virtual land are referred to as spheres. The early building phase begins on 35 of 99 Land parcels that are donated to the community by the district’s creator.

I’m interested in taking part in creating the Teahouse and the Gardens. And I am interested in taking part in the creation of other places and spheres. If anybody is working on something and would like to work together, just drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do


hey , let me know if you need any help. no codding experience here, just basic photoshop and illustrator skills.


I couldn’t find anything on the forums but I saw it on the official decentraland voting dapp, contributors can vote there

at time of posting: Total Voted 363 / Total Votes 9 / Time Left 4 days
Voted Yes (100%)


Replacing VR with RL as @becomempty mentioned today works just as well and is of universal focus. I propose the term IOR for Input Output Reality.