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how are you all, lets post, share & talk about interesting resources that contribute to our understanding of this rapidly changing space. Here are a few videos I stumbled upon just recently and found very interesting. I’ll just keep posting material as I find it and I wanna encourage you to do the same if you feel like it. Please note that posting material does not necessarily means that statements in it is personally endorsed. It’s all about sharing thought-stimulating input

  • | Tezos Launch. Notes: the importance of establishing on-chain governance; “in 10-20 years the space will become very competitive, it’s not quite there yet”
  • | Winklevoss on the future of Bitcoin. Notes: Bitcoin is a network/protocol that in this very digital age may indeed be on its way to replacing Gold; bubble framework not applicable to Bitcoin



this is a good tip to keep in mind as the movement’s development progresses, cause I feel that this is certainly something that is still largely neglected in cryptotechnology today. * “you’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the tech. you can’t start with the tech and [then] figure out when to sell it”. in the first videos I posted Kathleen also mentions something along those lines


Thanks for starting this, looking into the material! I will make sure to participate!

edit, here’s one!
beware of overstimulation:)


As we contemplate the future of the movement, here’s something to remember where we all came from.


thanks for that gumshed. man, just wow… thinking about it… I actually believe were still quite at the beginning of the technological revolution, it’s like we’re looking back to the late 90s and think this is the beginning, and it is, but we’re still not far out there, the real widespread use of the decentralized internet is yet to come, we are entering the age of networks, and it’s like there is this clash between the often centuries-old leading destructive systems, structures and powers that be and this very technological revolution that comes with exponential growth and innovation if you just let it grow freely. so as the cryptotechnology movement progresses, and the internet grows, and more and more people are able to join the innovation train, man I think it’s so much larger than I ever thought, and yet I remember the feeling when I grasped Bitcoin for the first time, this alone was a huge realization for me, now I see what is to come is strangely big, I have no words for it.
Makes me think, It’s good to have a think tank, maybe the movement’s fate is for it to become something like that, a think tank where global people get together, as on a global stage, a global platform, on which their creative powers meet to perhaps discuss, and to plan, and for grassroots activity to form, and maybe to even celebrate together as this is happening because it would mean that a creative new thing is born, it’s neither a state nor an organization as we know it, it’s more than it’s parts and it’s dynamic, neither can it be shut down nor can it precisely be defined. this is how I understand The Movement so I’m here to contribute to this grand vision :eight_pointed_black_star: