EthDenver - February 15-17 2019


Hello Everyone! I’m gumshed. I wanted to make a proper introduction prior to the festivities.

As a member of the Movement Dao, I am a proponent of decentralization and the advancement of all humankind. We at The Movement believe in the creation of value for the benefit of humanity while #buidling bridges that empower everyday people like you and me. I would like to extend an open invitation to everyone here to say Hi and check out our grassroots movement focused on a decentralized world view. I’ll be wandering around if you have any questions.

While in Denver, I’ll be working on the Social Change Engine or the SCE for short. This platform is intended to be a tool for The Movement. Focused on building community and providing an avenue for normal people to help change the world, one initiative at a time. If anyone who has stumbled here is interested in checking it out or learning more about The Movement Dao, you can find more information here in our forum and at There is also a public chat room on status. #socialchangeengine

I’m not trying to troll any of you into some clickbait computer destroying void. I’m just a normal guy who believes that human potential is effectively limitless given enough time, training, and motivation. Now, Imagine focusing all of humanities potential on the advancement of our entire species? What would that even look like? Who even knows but I digress.

Anyway, I hope you all are well.



If this gains traction, I’d like to propose some sort of meetup in Denver during this time. We’ll see what happens.


I wish you guys were coming to dev week here in oakland in Mid Feb…