Creative Sphere


The Creative Sphere supports all forms of human and digital expression. Focusing on design works in and around The Movement while encouraging self-expression and the exploration of vision realization. All are welcome. Feel free to post your visual ideas, works, or willingness to contribute.

Currently, we are looking for artists, graphic designers, and VR designers to visually design areas of development.


hello, what exactly are we looking for ? I was speaking to a friend to make the illustrations for the WP/ but now he is too busy. I´m starting to get back to my desing skills wich are very much rusty but can be recuperated, and i´m willing to make icons and minor graphic desing and diagramming. Anyways does any one know where can i get the patch for adobe 2017 ?


Hi. We’re looking for artists/designers to create work for a bunch of different areas. I feel like art is something that inspires passion and gets the wheels turning. Being able to visually represent that passion for the community is important for growth. I’ll keep expanding as this progresses.

Promotional Design

  • Bounty Announcements
  • Community Invites
  • Logo Integration Art (Banners)

Development Design

  • Library of Resources (sized logos, buttons, etc.)
  • Design ideas of the SCE user interface
  • Style Sheets (Dani’s or reimagine)

VR Design

  • Scenes
  • Ideas (what should it visually “Feel” like)
  • Renderings


  • Rework of Visual SCE version 1
  • Community Plans
  • Development Process


  • Personal Vision Ideas


I’ve been rolling an idea around in my head. Numbers in most cultures are significant in some way. The number 414 refers to the number of LAND parcel that Greenpoint will occupy within Decentraland. 414 is also the year Faxian returned from India and started translating Buddhist works into Chinese signifying and exchange of information and the start of these cultures connecting. I think it would be interesting to incorporate the number 414 into our community’s “culture” Maybe as we build, using the number 414 the same way ancient cultures used prime numbers in their architecture.


Oh numbers, how not to love numbers! When it comes to culture, we have to be careful, I’m thinking about Chinese for instance - where in many regions 414 can generally be perceived as something bad, i.e. 4 sounds like 死 which means death. Either way, 414 could also mean 试一试, which in turn means “to have a try”. Like your example, there’s just so much that may be attached to numbers, which once again greatly motivated me to continue the journey into the exciting times of early cultural encounters. cheers gumshed! We have more interesting numbers, like 3, as in 3M MVT. So three, isn’t that, abstracted, kinda like you, and me, and what we build? There’s also 8, as in eight portals. And there’s more. Yes! As we build, let’s think about the numbers as they come up.