Brainstorming and planning for the Movement's infrastracture



i’m opening this thread to plan and gather ideas for the next phase of several steps, which will be taken in order to complete the infrastructure of the Movement.

I’d like to start discussing with everybody here about the voting system, as the requirement for it are quite simple. Some feedback and fresh ideas could always lead to something interesting and unique.

I made not long ago a first functioning implementation and added few changes to the original contract, you can have a look in here:

and try it from here:

This is the time to speak your mind :thinking: and tell:

What kind of extra features should we include to complement the voting(if any)? How it should look the user interface and graphic accompanying it? Any other general ideas?


We could start the conversation of migrating to Argon.


Let’s try to understand exactly what is going on with Decentraland before. Then we can make a public announcement and start evaluating what are the possibilities. :+1:


The original voting dapp speaks of transitioning over to the Argon Core in the future.

What argon has done is pretty cool. Their framework is straight forward and super clean. Their design elements are pretty legit.